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About Shanghai Gourmet China Bistro
533 Boston Post Rd.(Rte 1), Orange, CT 06477.   TEL: 203-891-8788
"Cozy for Asian Cuisine, If You Can Get a Seat". Just as described in New York Times by Stephanie Lyness. Shanghai Gourmet in Orange County, Connecticut is "an inexpensive place to eat Chinese, similar to the neiborhood restaurant that abound in the city," "a small family-run place that serves good, compforting food prepared with quality ingredients in an inviting atomsphere." the owner Steven and Winnie Guo are "amicable and efficient. Within a few moments of meeting Mr. Guo, one has the feeling of sharing a private joke; he made my family feel quite at home."

While the article on New York Times was a typical experience of an individual diner. A local magazine "New Haven" may give you a general idea of what the Shanghai Gourmet is about. In an article "JUST A TASTE: Shanghai Gourmet", the auther gave a clear description of our restaurant.

If you're looking for authentic Asian food along with some tax-refund shopping, check out the scattering of restaurant along the Post Road in Orange and Milford. Nestled between strip malls and big -box stores are half adozen eateries doing tasty food from India, China, Japan, made all the more appeling by friendly service and ample parking.

Shanghai Gourmet, across from the TJ Maxx plaza in Orange, has been a local favorite for five years for its excellent interpretations of Sino-American classics like General Tso's chicken. And this version is worth waiting in a Post Road turn lane:

Our meal had already started strong with a rich, peppery hot-and sour soup dense with shreds of fresh and dried mushrooms and topped with fried shallots for an extra shot of flavor. Never has a bowl of hot soup disappered so fast. Also outstanding were the steamed vegetable dumplings, packed with delicately cooked and spiced vegetables and enrobed in a tender, fresh-tasting wrapper.

The chef also scores with more venturesome fare like the Sambal Delight, named for the spicy condiment popular in some of China's neighbours to the south. Shanghai Gourmet's delight has a complex, currlike sauce that beautifully accents chunks of chicken, shrimp, scallops and vegetables. Most protains can be made with sambal or the equally exotic spicy mango sauce. The shanghai Noodle Soup, Lemongrass Shrimp and a sauce made with the numbing Szechuan peppercorn also becken the curious diner.

Shanghai Gourmet will never be mistaken for its grittier, downtown counterparts: The decor inside is airy and lacquered as if to hold its own with the chain restaurants surrounding it. You'll get very friendly, attentive service - the hostess may even help you pronounce the Chinese words on your fortune-cookie paper. But if something delicious, familiar and family-friendly is what you're looking for Shanghai Gourmet couldn't be a better choice.

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